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The High Cost of Hearing Aids

The High Cost of Hearing Aids Revealed

I frequently hear people saying things like “wow, hearing aids cost a lot” or “hearing aids are too expensive”.

So to take a better look at the high cost of hearing aids, I wanted to take a moment to point out some simple math:

Every month the average American spends on basic services:  $55 on cable service, $50 for cell phone service (not a smart phone);  $35 for  Internet (if you live in a metro area)



  • For LOW END Cable/cell/Internet service

= $140/month  for cable, cell, Internet

= $1680/year

= $8,400 for 5 years


  • For higher coverage:  Better cable $90/month; Smart phone service $120/month,

High speed Internet $60/month

=$270/month for higher level cable, cell, Internet

= $3240/year

= $16,200 for 5 years


Hearing aids in comparison

  • The average PAIR of the BEST high end hearing aids will last 5 years or you can consider upgrading in 3 years to new technology.



=$7000 for 5 years


  • To upgrade every three years to a pair of the BEST hearing aids here are the costs:



=$7000 for 3 years


The high cost of hearing aids?

So to have the best pair of hearing aids available ($7000) , it costs less than the worst cable, cell service and Internet service for the same amount of time ($8400).

Having the best pair of hearing aids available ($7000) every three years even costs less than the better cable, smart-phone and high speed Internet services for 3 years ($9720).

Hearing aids help prevent:

  • decreased earnings
  • dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • depression
  • social isolation

So I say to you now, why are the costs of simple service items like cellphone, cable, and Internet so expensive? 

The High Cost of Hearing Aids   – WHAT A BARGAIN!

Terri Ives,  ScD, AuD
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology
Hearing and Balance Institute of the Rockies, Inc.

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